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Why I prefer Nascar over Formula 1


Now I’m a huge fan of Nascar and go along as often as I can. But why do I prefer it over Formula 1?

The drivers

Unlike in Formula 1, you haven’t got to be burn with a silver spoon in your mouth to be a Nascar driver, anyone with the skill to do it can become one. The feeder races leading up to the top races are full of regular guys racing on dirt tracks.

However most Formula 1 drivers were rich before they became successful and after they became successful they became completely obscenely rich, it’s crazy what they get paid. It’s certainly a very rich man’s sport and I don’t like the inequality of that. Even karting which is the first step towards becoming a F1 driver is expensive.

The cars

While Formula 1 cars are incredible pieces of machinery, and are much lighter than Nascar cars, they cost a huge amount to create and maintain. A Nascar is much cheaper to make and so more ordinary guys are able to get to drive one. And it’s a fairer fight because all the cars are built on the same chassis, either a Chevy, a Toyota or a Ford. In Formula 1 the team that wins is the team that generally has the most money.

A more interesting race

In Nascar you can start at the back and still come through and win the race. In Formula 1 that’s pretty much impossible, the tracks are just too narrow and it’s too hard to do any overtaking.

I also love all the noise and smoke of the Nascar race.

So for me it’s Nascar all the way, but it may be because I’m from the USA, I know that Formula 1 is probably more popular in the rest of the world.

Getting rid of pests


Anyone else had trouble with mice recently? I have and it has been a right pain. Every night I hear scratching behind the walls, and they seem to be getting into the kitchen as well which isn’t very hygenic.

The wife is going crazy about it, especially since she saw one yesterday. But she didn’t want me to start slaughtering them, so we tried the humane type of mice traps, which catches them in a plastic tube, and which you can then release them from. But had no luck there at all, maybe we tried the wrong kind of bait, used chocolate which I’d heard they liked. Apparently the cheese thing is a myth.

Wasn’t sure what to do next. We can’t put poison down as we have pets and don’t like of the snap traps that make a right mess of the mouse. But I read on this page about a type of electronic trap which entices the mouse in, and then electrocutes it when it trips an electronic switch. It’s instant so the mouse doesn’t suffer at all, and it’s easy to clear the body away afterwards. And must say have been impressed so far, have caught a couple of mice and it wasn’t too unpleasant to get rid of the bodies. Looks like we have a whole family so may take a while to get rid of them, but we seem to be on the right lines with this new machine. Best of luck if you’ve got pests too. More information on pests here.